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Accessible & Individualized Nutrition Therapy 

Eat Well Elle

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I had an absolutely great experience with Elle Woodworth. She helped me adjust my diet for me and my family. We are now eating healthier than ever before. I have lost 20lbs and my diabetes is now under control with the reduced food intake and healthier lifestyle. The changes that we made were small but had lasting impact. Absolutely recommend Elle for getting you on track to a better and healthy diet.


Elizabeth 'Elle' Woodworth, RD

I became a dietitian because I love food and cooking! After years helping people met their health goals I have found the most exciting part of my job to be helping people realize being healthy doesn't have to feel restrictive or difficult. This 'A HA' moment is so rewarding; it always gives me confidence patients can make lasting change. ​


As a dietitian I base my practice on science. I use current research to guide my recommendations. That being said, my style is patient centered. If a solution I have will not work for your schedule or food preference than we will continue to work on finding one that will. 


Consistency is the key to success and seeing the results of the change you make is a marathon not a sprint. Periodic meetings will help keep you on track.


Food decisions should be approachable without restrictions and without guilt. Let's talk about the nutrition goals you have for yourself or your child. I am confident together we can reach them! 

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Healthy Food

Education & Background

Education: Master's of Science degree in Dietetics

Credentials: Registered Dietitian; Certified Dietitian Nutritionist; Certified Nutrition Support Clinician. 

Population Experience: 

  • Pediatric Care: weight gain, weight loss, nutrition support, diabetes, healthy habits/eating routines, feeding therapy, nutrition support ​

  • Adult Care: weight loss, weight gain, high cholesterol, diabetes, binge eating, healthy habits/eating routines, mindful eating, nutrition support


How Can I Help You Reach Your Health Goals?

Telehealth Services


*coming soon :

Online Courses

Insurance Policy

Using Your Insurance for Sessions

Does your insurance provide free nutrition sessions?

I am an in network provider with:

Blue Cross Blue Shield + MVP + Cigna. 

If you would like to explore what your insurance will cover you will need to send the following information: 

  1. Copy of the front and back of your insurance card

  2. Copy of the front of your photo ID

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