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Individual Medical Nutrition Therapy
For Weight Loss

Together we will set nutrition related goals for you to reach your optimal health and prepare your body for SGLT2i use. 

In these sessions we will discuss your medical history, eating habits, food preferences, exercise routine, diet mindset, and clinical symptoms which affect your nutritional status. 

Program overview: 

The Smart Start Weight Control Program 

Cost: varies depending on your insurance. Please visit Individual Sessions Page for more information regarding payment options. 

Duration of Program: a minimum of 12 weeks, ongoing support is provided as needed after the 12 week course. 


Principles of Program

  1. Diet

    1. Ongoing review of patient recorded food diary.

    2. Meal Planning

    3. Nutrition Education ​

  2. Exercise

    1. Set weekly activity goals.

    2. Review importance of regular physical activity. 

    3. Vary type and intensity of physical activity as patient strength increases. 

  3. Behavioral Change

    1. Meal time routine analysis ​

    2. Mindful eating strategies 

    3. Addressing inappropriate use of eating as a coping skill for stress. 

    4. Examination of high risk factor activities. ​


Goals of Program: Optimize patient weight loss using diet, lifestyle, and behavioral change. This will be accomplished through: SMART goal setting strategies, counseling using motivational interviewing strategies, and accountability in the form of regular patient and provider communication. 

Let's Work Together

Making time for change can be challenging. Reaching out to set up these appointments is the first step to prioritizing your health. 

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