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Quick, Easy, Vegan

Last night we had a fabulous #plantbased dinner.

A veggie burger topped with whatever fresh ingredients were in the fridge + a side of mango. #sodelicious

This is a Dr. Praggers burger. Let me tell you why I chose this burger:

- it is made of vegetables

- it can be cooked directly from frozen (no thawing required)

- it is sold in bulk at costco

The dietitian in me decided fruits, veggies, and grains were a healthy dinner. The mom decided not to look at the label and enjoy the quick and easy meal prep! Remember, we are focused on #progressnotperfection. I am not a huge fan of processed food but sometimes that is what the evening calls for. We also added lots of fresh foods around it on the plate so that we did not miss out on the benefits of fresh fruits and veggies.

Here is what I thought of this burger:

- tasted great (1 of 2 kids gave it a thumbs up and the adults liked it so I will take that win!)

- easy to cook

- texture was soft so got a little smashed in the bun and not sure how it would do on a grill but that would not stop me from using this as a quick easy dinner again!

- horseradish mustard is good on everything!

I'll take this as inspiration to make and freeze my own homemade veggie burgers in the future.

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