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Kid Approved and Plant Based

Tonight was our first #plantbased dinner as a family. We made create-your-own smoothie bowls. The kids loved it! #yum #kidapproved #healthykids #mydinnerwaspurple #itsafamilyaffair

Smoothie ingredients:

· Almond milk

· Frozen bananas

· Frozen strawberries

· Frozen blueberries

· Beets

· Avocado

· Vanilla protein powder

· Flax seed

Next time we do this meal I will add more veggies to the smoothie. Carrots and spinach are my go-to veggies to blend for a smoothie since they mix nicely with so many flavors. With the right fruit combo sweet peppers can also be a great addition but do add a strong flavor.

Buffet style toppings:

· Chia seeds

· Walnuts

· Shredded coconut

· Fresh strawberries

· Fresh bananas

· Fresh oranges

· Fresh raspberries

· Granola (#thankyou friends for the homemade granola, it was delicious!)

This dinner was a big hit and the girls are already asking when we will make it again.

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