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A Preamble to My Journey

Today I start my year long journey working towards whole food plant based eating. I will be making small incremental changes over the course of the next year to work towards mind and body health. #day1 #startwith1thing

The Point(s) of all This:

1. Eat Only #WholeFoods

2. Move My Body More #strongnotskinny

3. Adopt #mindfuleating

4. Decrease Animal Product Intake

A Few Things I Want To Clarify:

  • There is no ONE way to be #healthy.

  • Yes, I plan to cheat…just a little #progressnotperfection #workinprogress

  • Yes, I think if I can stick to my plan I can become a healthier person (and probably lose some weight)

  • No, I am not making my family follow it too. But, I will have them taste from my plate to expand their palates and participate in family friendly physical activity #yum #familystylefood #fitfam

  • The example we each set for our families with what we eat and how much we exercise matters. #familyfirst #lifestyle

My Why’s: #motivation #inspiration

  • Acute health for my mind and my body: this means feeling better on the day to day (Clear skin+Calm mind+Happy gut+Energy)

  • Decrease chronic health risks for my mind and body: this means feeling great when I am 50 and 60 and 70 and 80 and 90 and… (Heart disease + Diabetes + stroke + High cholesterol + Cancer + Dementia)

  • I hate counting calories #nutrition

  • Have a positive impact on the environment #fortheplanet

  • Set an example for my patients and my family #changeishard

Is anyone joining me?

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