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4 weeks down, 48 to go

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

It has been 4 weeks since starting this journey to a #healthylifestyle.

I have lost 2.7% of my body weight and am feeling great. The changes I have made so far all feel sustainable which to me means I have great energy, am not constantly hungry, and am not having intense cravings for foods I have cut out.

Elle's Favorites:

Ways to workout:

-The Fitness Marshall @bootyarmyapp (is free and the kids have so much fun dancing!)

-Morning Meltdown(this one is not free...)

-skip/hop/jump/gallop races outside with the kids

-jumping on the trampoline outside #yayspring

Sneaky Veggies:

I added carrots and spinach to the smoothie bowl recipe and the girls said they didn't even notice! #eatmorevegetables

Meal Last Week:

Salmon (with Stuart's Spices Lemon Pepper Seasoning) + asparagus + quinoa/barley. #yum

Goal tracking:

- I have successfully cut out all beef and pork (yes that means there wasn't even any cheating!).

- I am reminding myself of mindful eating principles and am enjoying treats using mindful eating guidelines. #Mindfuleating is a big topic which warrants its own post. #downwithdiets

- Even though I am still allowing myself animal products I am cutting them out where I can. (ex. I ordered #vegan Chipotle)

- I am also so happy to report I have successfully met or exceeded my workout goals. The COVID19 shut down has also determined that the kiddos will be participating in my workouts. We have had to pause videos a few more times than usual because of this but I love that we are able to be on this health journey together! #itsafamilyaffair #fitfamily

While I am happy with my progress I have a ways to go to reach the finish line. So, my next goal is no candy/beer/wine. This one should be fairly easy but is the baby step to the bigger harder goal which will limit more traditional desserts/treats. (ahem...all those girl scout cookies in my cupboard!)

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