About Eat Well Elle

Areas of Specialty

Desired Weight Loss/Gain

Pediatric Feeding 

Mindful Eating

Managing High Cholesterol

Managing Diabetes type 2/pre-diabetes

My Story

I am a dietitian because I love food and cooking!

The best part about my job is getting to meet new people, hear their stories, and talk about food all day long. I want to share my love for food and mind-body wellness. 

Creating lasting change for optimal health is my mission. After working together nutrition and feeding will become approachable without restriction and without guilt. 

Let's talk about the nutrition goals you have for yourself, your child, or your employees. I am confident together we can reach them! 

Down to Business

Education: Master's of Science degree in Dietetics


Credentials: Registered Dietitian; Certified Dietitian Nutritionist; Certified Nutrition Support Clinician. 


I have experience, and am qualified to work with both pediatric patients and adult patients.